Septic Pumping Services

Action Services provides professional septic pumping services. We have modern, licensed and permitted vacuum trucks with trained CDL technicians for all your wastewater pumping needs. We have nationally certified septic inspectors to evaluate the condition of your system and help keep it working for years to come. Additionally, our certified technicians can help diagnose and problem solve your septic issue. Please see our education page for more information on keeping your system working.

For instance, we can help if you don’t know where your tank is. First we can locate it, then dig it up, and pump it. Action Services is a one stop shop when it comes to locating your septic tank, excavating the tank lids, and pumping the septic tank.  In conclusion, we can complete the job from start to finish.

We provide pumping and cleaning of many types of tanks:

  • Septic tanks, gray water tanks, black water tanks, wastewater holding tanks/bags, ponds, toilet vaults and treatment plants

Additional services include:

  • CCTV Inspections, locating, excavating, installation
  • Oil / Gas field , wildfire and natural disasters (USFS, BLM & FEMA)
  • N. A.W.T. (National Association of Wastewater Technician) certified inspections; recommended by the EPA and NSF

Preventive Maintenance Programs

  • “Do it yourself” Preventative Maintenance plans
  • Worry free system plans
  • Supplements “Pro Clean”
Septic pump truck
Pump truck