We have an excavator for all our excavation or “Dirty Work”. As a licensed excavator, we can excavate the dirt from the top of your septic tank to expose the compartment lids. Once we have access to the tank, we can pump and dispose of the waste. Then we install risers, if necessary, so you never have to dig up the lids again! We can also install cleanouts and dig up your broken sewer line to make repairs. And when we’re finished, we will backfill, compact and rake up our work area. Action Services Inc. takes pride in doing the job correctly and professionally. In many cases, you would never even know we were there (other than the problem is solved!).

Action Services is also a full service inspection provider. Excavation services prior to inspection services can be arranged for proper access. Even if you don’t know where your septic tank is, we can complete the entire job from start to finish. We are a one stop shop when it comes to locating your septic tank, excavating the lids to the tank, and pumping the septic tank. We have knowledgeable technicians who can help diagnose and problem solve any septic system issue.  Call us today to discuss your excavation needs.

Small Excavator