Specializing in underground infrastructure, pipeline, and confined space inspections, Action Services is a full service inspection provider. We utilize robotic crawlers, small pipe push cameras, and documentation software in modern inspection vehicles. Our technicians and equipment answer a variety of challenging applications. Including the inspection of sewer, water, storm water lines, manholes, wet wells, vessels, and electrical conduit. Customers depend on the experts at Action Services for diagnosis of problem drains and internal inspections of pipe with professional, timely service. All recorded on state of the art formats.

Push Camera

  • Pre-purchase sewer inspections from house to city mains or septic system
  • Troubleshooting problem (backed up drains) drains or systems
  • Locating of drain lines, septic tanks, and determining depth
  • Certified septic system inspections (NAWT)
  • Refinance inspection
  • Looking into confined spaces

Infrastructure – Crawler Camera

  • New acceptance inspections, confirming proper installation
  • Preventative Maintenance Program & insurance reporting
  • Infrastructure mapping and service tap locating
  • Problem drain identification and locating
  • Hazmat-area and confined space viewing